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Return to Educational Facility Pupil Declaration Form

Message from Principal

Dear Parent / Guardian,

The phased reopening of schools will continue next Monday, 15th March. Holy Well NS will welcome back the remaining cohort of pupils, namely, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth classes. The phased reopening in Holy Well NS began on 22nd February when our Special Classes returned, followed by pupils from Junior Infants to Second Class on 1st March. So far all has gone very well and that is due to the co-operation and diligence of all parties, our pupils, parents and staff. Thank you all.

I understand that some parents and pupils may have mixed feelings and some anxiety about the full reopening of schools but public health advice reassures us that it is safe to do so as long as everyone in the community continues to abide by Level 5 Restrictions. I ask you all to continue to work with us as we do all we can to ensure the safe return of all pupils.

As we prepare for the full return of all pupils please practise with, and remind your child of, correct handwashing and hygiene techniques and also discuss social distancing as age appropriate.

Covid Response Plan

We have updated our Covid Response Plan (available below) in line with Department of Education guidelines and will continue to monitor our practices and make changes if necessary.

Remote learning will cease next Monday. Only pupils who have been medically certified not to return to school should continue to work remotely. I understand that some parents may wish to keep their child at home but public health and government guidelines inform us that it is safe to return once the family follow Level 5 Restrictions. Schools are required to mark pupils absent if they are not in school. If a parent wishes to keep their child at home they should make a formal application to Tusla for home-school provision. Following the full reopening the school will not be in a position to provide ‘Dual Tuition’.

There has also been a change in guidelines re children/family members displaying symptoms of Covid-19. Pupils must not attend school if anyone in the household is unwell, displaying symptoms or awaiting a test/results of a test.

In this regard please err on the side of caution, for everyone’s sake.

Please note that if a child displays any symptoms/is feeling unwell in school they will be isolated immediately and you will be required to collect them and arrange a Covid test. When it comes to the health of the pupils in the classrooms we are not in a position to take any chances and we will err on the side of caution at all times. If in doubt please keep your child at home.

Return to Education Declaration Form

All parents of children returning to school must now submit a RETURN to EDUCATION DECLARATION FORM. This is a declaration that the child/household is free of Covid/Covid symptoms. This should be done electronically through the School App and must be completed after every school absence, regardless of the reason for that absence. As all parents are obliged to complete this declaration after each school absence please don’t be offended if you are asked by your child’s class teacher to resubmit the form. When doing so on the App it may be necessary to close the App fully and reopen it for a resubmission to take effect.



New Guidelines

Ventilation is an important factor in ensuring reduced transmission in the classrooms. We will have the heating on when possible but doors and windows may be left open in the classrooms. Please ensure that your child has sufficient layers of clothing to keep warm. Extra layers are preferable to leaving a coat on for the day.

Children in the Senior Campus should use the same entry/exit routes as before Christmas.

Please encourage your child to walk from the school gates if they are happy/confident in doing so. Books can be brought back over two days if bags are too heavy.

Please DROP and GO quickly if arriving at school by car. Please see email issuing to parents of pupils in 3rd to 6th classes on 11th March re guidelines for dropping to school by car.

Government directives inform us to remind parents that there should be no congregation at/outside the school gates or within the school grounds at drop-off and collection times. For this reason staggered drop-off/collection times will remain in place.

Under no circumstances should parents enter the school building unless by prior agreement with the Principal.

Under the national guidelines staff are no longer permitted to engage face-to-face with parents. All communication must be on the phone or through email. If you need to talk to a teacher please arrange same through the school office, 021 4371875. This is for both your safety and the safety of our staff.


I would like to say thank you to the staff of Holy Well NS for their hard work in providing support to pupils and parents through Seesaw and Zoom etc over the last few months. A sincere thank you also to parents for your co-operation and ensuring that work was submitted to teachers. It hasn’t been easy for anyone during the school closure but hopefully the end is in sight and we pray that schools will remain open for all students.

We all have a part to play in ensuring this:

  • Follow the guidelines
  • Stay apart
  • Stay at home if unwell
  • Practise good hygiene
  • Wear a mask


Ni neart go cur le chéile,

Le meas,

Aidan Crowley,



Holy Well NS Covid_19 Response Plan 2021

2. Roadmap for School Reopening 27 July 2020
3. COVID-19 Response Plan for Primary and Special Schools

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