Return to School

Message from Principal

Dear Parent / Guardian,

As you are aware, the Government and Dept of Education & Skills have released guidelines for the safe reopening of schools at the end of the holidays. This is something that is both important for the work we do and also something, which I know you will agree, is essential for the fullest development of our students.

The Interim Manager and staff of the school will be working hard to make the guidelines a reality and in an effort to ensure that the school does open in safe way to students and their families. There is no doubt that some families will have concerns for many reasons. However, I would ask that you have patience while we go through the documents and be assured that we will follow the guidelines with the utmost care and attention.

There is lots of work to be done and indeed, very little time to do it. Our priority, at this point, is ensuring that we open to students on the 1st of September. The responsibility is now on the entire school community – staff, parents and students – to ensure we can do so. We urge you to continue to follow all the public health advice in the meantime.
We will endeavour to update you as much as possible in the coming weeks.

Le meas,

Aidan Crowley



Holy Well NS Covid_19 Response Plan_28Sep20
2. Roadmap for School Reopening 27 July 2020
3. COVID-19 Response Plan for Primary and Special Schools

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